The Golf Club 2019 #12 Royal Erindale Golf Club

The Golf Club 2019   #12 Royal Erindale Golf Club

What is This? Mr Bellamy actually has another Highlands theme in his countdown! Enjoy this beautiful course that reminds me of St. Andrews near the end. I even make a “Shogun of Harlem” shot. Hats off to Matt Fehr (Figs and Pigs) on this one.

Royal Erindale Golf Club starts and finished in the historic (fictional) town of Erindale. The course features 8 double greens, which creates some interesting pin placements. Starting in the town itself the course works it’s way out to the lighthouse, then continues along the coast and through some large dunes. The fairways are wide and undulating, with numerous bunkers strategically cut into ridgelines and hollows. Beware the large sleepered bunkers, you can be left with some very difficult lies should you find one. Highlights of the course include the large shared fairway of the 1st and 18th hole, the beautiful greensite on the 8th/15th hole, the view of the course and town on the 16th and 17th tee, and the short but potentially deadly 10th. This is proper links golf, the course can play relatively benign in calm conditions, and can really bare it’s teeth on a good windy day.