The Golf Club 2019 – Starlight Lake (TGCTours WCoD)

The Golf Club 2019 – Starlight Lake (TGCTours WCoD)

Today we have a beautiful swiss themed course for the TGCTours World Cup of Design. The front 9 holes wind their way down a mountain to play along side of the stunning Starlight Lake, this course plays very well and has real awesome views over the lake from the course.

Designer’s Description:
Starlight Lake GC was inspired by a real mountain top spring fed lake on the border of Pennsylvania/
New York in the Catskill Mountains. There is a Summer Camp located on the southeast side of the lake. I
spent my summers at this camp swimming and sailing/ boating in the lake and playing capture the flag in the
woods, and hunting deer in the winter. The Clubhouse sits atop the perch on the highest point above
the lake. I recreated all the important elements of the surrounding topography in my sculpting and
layout, and then plotted my course and routing around these features.

Starlight Lake Golf Club is a single loop course that works its way from the mountain top perch down and around the lake, streams, and
lake marshes and back up the mountain. There is a mulched walking path to help guide your way between greens and tees.

Course: Starlight Lake
Designer: ddixjr509

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