Tips on How to Prevent Heat Transfer Vinyl from Peeling

Tips on How to Prevent Heat Transfer Vinyl from Peeling

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There is a lot of reasons why your heat transfer vinyl could be peeling off after the first time you wash it. This video describes what settings your iron should be at and the proper amount of time heat should be applied to the vinyl.

One big thing to make sure of when using heat transfer vinyl is getting your iron setting correct. In this video, she suggests using the cotton setting and making sure to not use any steam. Another tip she gives is that if you’ve got holes in your iron, making sure you press toward the center, trying to avoid the holes going over top of your heat transfer.

Place your iron down right in the middle giving it as much pressure as possible. Remember, cotton setting, no steam, avoid the holes in your iron, and give it lots of pressure.

Another thing she mentions that can ruin your adhesive when you wash it is pushing down longer than necessary. You might think it will stick better because you’re holding it down for a longer period of time. This can actually ruin your adhesive and make it less sticky.

So, 15 second or 20 seconds is good. With these tips the finished product should wash great. An ironing mat is recommended as opposed to an ironing board, as the mat has more give. Use these tips to help your vinyl from peeling after the wash.

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