Top 10 Watercolor Sets For Beginners in the Test! 2019 Edition

Top 10 Watercolor Sets For Beginners in the Test! 2019 Edition

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Hey! In this video I wanted to test out the top 10 most popular watercolors for beginners to see what is the best watercolor set for beginners. I’ll cover watercolors from different price range so it fits in your budget! In this watercolor review I’ll be testing, camel watercolor tubes, winsor & newton cotman pocket set and the winsor & newton bluebox, da vinci sets, sennelier la petite aquarell, daniel smith, arteza, prima marketing & schmincke akamedie watercolors.

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β–Ί Full list of all the supplies I used:

β—‹ Camel artists watercolor
β—‹ Winsor & newton Cotman Pocket Set *
β—‹ Arteza *
β—‹ Sennelier la petite Aquarelle *
β—‹ Prima Marketing Classics *
β—‹ Winsor & newton Blue Box *
β—‹ Daniel Smith Essentials *
β—‹ Van Gogh half pan set *
β—‹ Schmincke Akademie *

β—‹ Winsor & Newton watercolor paper *
β—‹ Arches watercolor paper *

β—‹ Da Vinci 498 Casaneo Series *


❀ Film & Editing Gear ❀
– Camera Canon 80D *
– Canon Macro Lens *
– Camera Lens Sigma 30mm F1.4 *
– Canon Powershot G7 X *
– Studio Light *
– Manfrotto Tripod *
– Blue Yeti USB Microphone *
– Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13


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