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Details to help you implement the tips in the video:

1. Strike
* Coaches and players consistently say that the most important thing they see is strike
* Strike gives consistency and control, with solid contact the dispersion and distance control will be better and the spin control will be better, this is so critical when playing in the rain and the wind as the ball will not be affected as much
* For Tiger Woods statistics go to page 110 of Every Shot Counts (Mark Broadie)
* See your coach for lessons or these guys on social have some great tips on improving strike
* Mike Bury – Instagram (@mikeburygolf)
* Alistair Davies – Instagram & Youtube (@adaviesgolf)

2. Set Goals and Track your progress
* Implementing these goals to improve our game:
* Take strokes gained statistics on the course. Also, it’s a good idea to take proximity to the hole statistics and where it misses. This makes it easier to spot patterns of where you miss your shots.
* Having understood which part of your game needs most work, use skill games whereby you can track your progress towards where you need to be
* PGA Tour Strokes Gained Explanation –
* Every Shot Counts (Mark Broadie) –
* Tailor-made Strokes Gained App –
* Skill Games –
* Long Game (Iron play, woods and driver) – Set a 15 yard wide ‘goal’ on the driving range and set the left or right of this goal to ‘Out of bounds’. Hit 10 shots and try and score as many points as possible with the following rules. Through the 15 yard goal = 20 points, Mission out of bounds = -5 points, Missing on the other side = 0 points. This game will teach you the importance of missing in the correct place!
* Pitching – Get out on a par-3 course or pitch and putt with two balls. Note down the distance of each pitch (e.g. 81 yds) and how far each tee shot finishes away from the hole (e.g. 14ft and 17ft) then try and improve your proximity from round to round. You could also use the PGA tour statistics at as a goal (they’re really, really good).
* Putting – Set 4 tees round the hole at N,W,S and E at 3ft, 6ft and 9ft. Starting at one of the 3ft putts, hole all 4 consecutively, then you can go on to the 6ft putts, hole all those and so , don’t stop until you’ve holed all the 9ft putts consecutively. If you’re feeling confident put out 12ft tees (good luck!)

3. Mindset – positive, positive, positive
* Approach vs. Avoidance mindset
* However good or bad your round or practice sessions, take the positives and move on, you can’t change the past!
* For more on mindset and more psychological stuff, Dr. Bob Rotella is the go-to guy. I am also looking to do a video with the Sports Psychologist at the University of Bath in the near future

4. Do a gapping session
* Use a shot tracking device to find out exactly how far each club goes.
* Then use this to work in yards out on the course – start with a base yardage, then take wind, slope and roll into account to get to a specific adjusted yardage to hit the ball (e.g. 150 yard starting yardage, 5 yards into the wind, 3 yards downhill, 0 yards roll – 150+5-3 = 152, just focus in hitting the ball 152 yards and forget all other variables!)

5. Tackle physical limitations
* Improve range of motion, strength and power – better implement swing changes prescribed by coach – improve strike/scores. Long term – play better golf for longer!
* I will be posting my ‘Best exercises to improve range of motion’ video in the next few days & the same for strength and power in the near future!
* For now, Jamie Greaves on Instagram (@jg_golffitness) and NickGolfFit (@nick_golffit) are a good place to go