Truck Bed Dent Repair

Truck Bed Dent Repair

Truck Bed Dent Repair
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This paintless dent repair video will show you how I removed a dent from this truck bed.

➡️ Check out this large crease that was taken out of a truck box

This dent was caused by a 2×4 board that hit the side of the truck bed. It left a dent that was just over 2 inches in size.
In order to properly repair a dent like this with paintless dent removal, we have to gain access to the back of the panel. This is done by taking out the tail light. Once the light assembly is out of the way, we have plenty of access to this dent. Now not all trucks are designed the same. This is a newer model Chevy Silverado and removing the tail light on this truck gives us this access.

When starting to remove a dent, I will first warm up the panel with a heat gun or torch. This isn’t just to make the dent pop out but to warm the panel to an optimum temp so that the metal is easier to move and keeps the paint flexible. This is especially important when working on the vehicle in the winter months. This is because once the temp gets below 50 degrees, it makes it much harder to repair the damage properly.

I then will take my PDR tool and add a rubber cap or sometimes some special PDR tape. This will allow me to push out the dent slowly and softer than using just the metal tip of the tool. In doing this I am able to cause less damage to the metal.

Once I have moved a lot of the metal out, I then sometimes need to knock down the panel. (See this video about knocking down a high spot: ) This is because the dent doesn’t just pop back into place. Paintless Dent Removal is a matter of manipulating the metal back into shape. Using a hammer or knock down blends the area back down where needed. This can be from pushing up the dent, from a crown area from the original damage or from the dent moving up and causing a volcano type effect.

Once most of the dent is out, I then will continue using my paintless dent repair tools to smooth out the rest of the damaged panel. This it was separates the inexperienced techs and DIY dent repair (See this DIY Dent Repair Video: ) attempts from the experienced professional paintless dent repair companies.
Now that the dent is out and back to original shape, we are left with a high-quality paintless dent repair. But that is not all that can be done. Since there was slight damage to the paint from having an object hit it. It was left with some scuffs and scrapes in the paint. Now, these still don’t need to be repainted. I was able to use a minor buffing compound and buffing pad to remove the minor scuffs from the panel. Now the damage is completed with the highest quality paintless dent repair.

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Watch this Truck Bed Dent Repair Video Here:

Truck Bed Dent Repair

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