Unemployed to help with flood clean up

Unemployed to help with flood clean up

A family of four who live on a farm were among victims of the flooding in Finsbury Park.

The couple, who had two children and an elderly grandfather and were unable to find work, have applied for an exemption from an old work permit they were given for the purpose of flood clean-up.

The farm near Horsham, Herts, has had flooding issues for years, but this has been “very unusual”, according to the family.

The farm’s owner, w파라오 카지노ho wished to remain anonymous, said that there has been some flooding but that the family has been paying their property taxes.

He said that they could not get the farm개츠비 카지노 ready to go because the weather was unpredictable and that they had been warned many온 카지노 times.

“We can only wait for it to rain and for the land underneath to dry up,” said the man, who described it as “not good”.

Local politician Mark Durkan, who lives in Horsham, confirmed that the family were planning to ask for a “sneak-and-peek” exemption under the Temporary Housing Act for the couple, who are now on holiday in France, as a means of “relaxing their time off”.

“Unfortunately, this situation is quite unusual,” he said. “The council did not tell us exactly how this can happen in their area.

“It’s all too much, we had no idea this was a possible situation.

“If anyone has information that could help us understand the situation, please contact us.

“There’s no other option but to ask the council to reconsider their decision about an exemption because it’s simply not good for them.

“We haven’t had an answer yet so we’re hoping that the council will reconsider.”


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