Us soldier dies after grenade attack

Us soldier dies after grenade attack

‘We’re a strong team’

The group had its first real victory today, when they defeated the Iranian-backed militia forces (RAIF) at the outskirts of the town of Ghazni and drove the Islamic State out of the area. At least 20 members of the Islamic State were killed in the clash and the fighting led to the death of a local commander who had served as the group’s representative in the area for years.

But when Islamic State fighters overran Ghazni, they seized control of all three checkpoints and set up a checkpoint in front of the town hall for the Islamic State’s soldiers to fight against the local resistance. A few minutes after the first suicide bomb attack, local security forces opened fire, wounding and killing three Islamic State fighters. The group also took over the town’s power station, which was later use로투스 홀짝d as a base for fighting to the death on several occasions.

The group is said to have seized over 200 weapons including mortars and r마사지 오일ocket-propelled grenades. Many of its fighters fought with the YPG during the bat마사지 오일tle for the town of Kobane, where hundreds of thousands fled in the wake of the Islamic State’s assault.

“The war on terror is winning and the enemy is being driven out,” Brigadier General Mohammed al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s top military leader, told members of the local council in a letter to the local administration in a town called Tal Abyad, about 100 miles from Khaziria on May 30. “The time has come for the [Islamic State] and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units to go to war against the enemy.”

Baghdadi, who used to lead the group in some remote regions around the Islamic State’s self-styled capital, Raqqa, is seen as one of the organization’s top commanders by many local fighters, particularly the YPG. In January, he declared that his group would “wipe out” the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces defending him and he announced in late May that he had declared his intention to form an Islamic state in northern Syria where he would govern by the Qur’an and Shariah law.

“Daesh is losing”

The Islamic State has grown stronger in the Syrian and Iraqi war. In recent months, the group has shown an increasing willingness to strike against Kurdish forces, including the YPG in recent weeks, while also increasingly working with local forces, especially the local Syrian Army (SAA), to fight th