VW Lifter Removal – You have Never seen This!

VW Lifter Removal – You have Never seen This!

TDI Engine Lifter Removal Photo Slide Show. (Note: Head is out of engine)

I was told that it would cost me $400+ to remove the 8 Lifters (Buckets) at a local machine shop. First I used a strong magnet (from a hard drive) to pull out all the lifters that moved freely. Then I used a High Speed cutting tool (like a Dremal) to cut slits in the top of the stuck Lifters. I then used a flat head screwdriver and sprayed WD40 to rotate the lifter until it was less stuck. One 3″ drywall screw was inserted as close to the center of the lifter as I could get. First I tried to pull it up by hand if that does not work then try some long pliers. After all lifters & valves were removed I washed the head in acetone to remove all the metal shavings.

Remember: You should only work on the head after it has been removed. I used a battery powerd engraver to pre-mark all valves and lifters.
I was told that typically, the Lifters on VW, if removed correctly can be replaced by new ones. Also if only one Lifter appears damaged that all 8 Lifters have to be replaced due to unseen metal crack. I got my new lifters from MetalManParts.com.

Note1: New Lifters come dry and should be installed dry. After you run the car for over 10 minutes all 8 will fill with oil.
This is not that big of a deal on SOHCs but it is the rule.

Note2: I forgot to mention that I used a drill to test to see if the valves were bent or not. And while the valve was in the drill and spinning I used Mothers(tm) polishing compount to shine each valve to a mirror finish. The keepers that hold the valves require a 30mm socket and a small magnet to remove(or the proper tool). Putting the keepers back in is hard if you don’t have the right valve spring compressor.