WHAT IF: YOU HAD A PRO SHORT GAME? Slash Scores Get Great Inside 100 Experiment Part 2

WHAT IF: YOU HAD A PRO SHORT GAME? Slash Scores Get Great Inside 100 Experiment Part 2

In part 2, Pro Mo stops the tee shots and hits from inside 100 yards only. P, the high handicapper will hit all the shots and Mo will come in once the ball gets inside 100 yards. They’ll both finish the hole and we’ll see how much difference a pro short game makes.






Not only does Pro Mo have a great long game, he is also a Baus inside 100 yards.

You’ll notice that it’s not merely the game inside 100 that slashes the most strokes, but also the DECISION MAKING.

There are some shots we take on that even a Tour Pro would not take on because the expected result is not favorable and the risk is too high and even if the result came out the best possible outcome, we would still be in trouble.

We need to play safe, conservative golf. There is no other way to play for amateurs. We are imperfect and have very little time to hone our skills like a pro.

best to spend it on the stuff that matters. Short game.

If you cannot get the ball airborne or off the tee, of course the short game won’t mean anything to you. You need to see a coach or pro ASAP to even begin playing golf for the first time.

So please let’s refrain from using this extreme example of someone who cannot hit a golf ball at all, as a way to refute the ideas of improving your short game for quick gains. Most of the audience will fall into the 80% of people who can hit the ball in the air most shots and play off a handicap between 10 and 30 and using the playa who cannot hit a golf ball, is disingenuous.

Using the example of a person who cannot hit anything more than a wedge or someone who persists in hitting the same club out of bounds on very shot or hitting duffs all the time, and then doesn’t bother going for a lesson, does not refute the assertions of the world’s greatest thinkers and players. They will all tell you the same thing. It’s in the short game. This is where you save strokes. Gary player, Jack Nicholson, Phil Nicholson, Bob Rotella – the greatest minds.

I proved my point in this video, clearly. An 11 stroke difference over 9 holes just from inside 100 and over the full 18 holes, inside 100 yards, or inside wedge distance could save even 15 shots total!. That is including the drops from the water, penalties and doesn’t even include the decision making.

Decision making, if it were better, could have slashed another 7 shots off the score easily.

These are two areas we can all be the same as a pro – decisions and short game. We can’t all hit huge drives, potent irons or amazing stingers.
But we can all chip and putt like a pro if we practice and learn the fundamentals.
We can also all learn to practice better decision making by THINKING for the first time on the golf course, ever.

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