What is “Golf Ball” Gynecomastia? – Puffy Nipples – Austin Gynecomastia Center

What is “Golf Ball” Gynecomastia? – Puffy Nipples – Austin Gynecomastia Center

Dr. Caridi describes puffy nipples caused by gynecomastia and uses a golf ball to illustrate how the gland under the skin and breast tissue pushes the chest and nipples out. By surgically removing the golf ball sized glandular tissue, the breast / chest / nipple area will flatten out and the patient will be able to wear thin shirts or even take his shirt off in public.

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Gynecomastia can be like cancer. Patients are very anxious about their situation and all want the best result possible from the most experienced surgeon. I am truly honored and humbled to be able to practice my skill on patients who appreciate what I bring to the table. It is always my desire to reduce existing fears and uncertainties with my personality and candor. The successful treatment of gynecomastia has been my most professionally rewarding procedure and is a constant reminder of my duty as a physician to help patients in need.

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