What is TEMPO and how it helps you hit the golf ball further?!

What is TEMPO and how it helps you hit the golf ball further?!

This video discusses how Tempo and timing influence club head speed and balance in your golf swing.

Every golfer is keen to find the perfect golf swing with effortless power and balance.

This video discusses what is perfect tempo and timing and how it help you create more club head speed, most golfers ask am I swinging the golf club too slow or swinging the golf club too quick. Am I rushing my golf swing from the top or not turning my hips enough in the golf swing.

This video explains how to feel different parts of the golf swing from the posture, to the takeaway to the top of the backswing position, start of the downswing, impact and the through swing.

Understanding weight transfer and weight pressure in your golf swing goes along way to helping you feel other movements in your golf swing from the how the arms work, forearm rotation in the golf swing, how flat or high to swing the golf club, impact and the finish position in the golf swing.

Once you understand how to move your weight in the golf swing these movements will start to happen more naturally and will help you hit the golf ball further and more consistently.

Every golfer wants more consistency and repeat ability from their golf swings and this video will hopefully answer alot of questions that you may have around your golf swing.

Getting a feel for the golf swing is really important to be able to take these feelings onto the golf course and into golf competition tournament play.

Swing thoughts can hamper your golf game and have been proven by science that a thought is distracting and can often impair performance rather than aid.

This is why as a golf coach who teaches golf lessons online and tries to help all levels of golfers from beginners, to experienced handicapper golfer, high handicapper golfers and professionals its always important to get a feeling rather than a swing thought.

So wheter your trying to swing the golf club like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy or Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate your rhythm and timing and tempo is so important for you to be able to deliver a effortless golf swing to give you more distance in your golf game.

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