Wind and Sling Golf Swing

Wind and Sling Golf Swing


The Wind and Sling™ Golf Swing System is the only power golf swing instructional system in the world rooted in the long drive secrets and techniques of the “Legend of Longdrive” Mike Dunaway, considered by many the greatest power golfer and driver of the ball the game of golf has ever seen. Greg Norman called him the “longest living human on earth”, and Ken Venturi claimed “he combined distance and accuracy better with the driver than anyone he’s ever seen.”

The Wind and Sling Golf Swing System is a comprehensive collection of writings and instructional videos detailing the “why’s” and “how’s” to creating the perfect combination of distance, accuracy, and anatomical efficiency in your golf swing.

The Wind and Sling Golf Swing System is a comprehensive e-book and 4 hours of streaming video instruction detailing the fundamentals of the Wind and Sling:


-Why the “modern swing”, which has been widely endorsed and promoted, violates the laws of physics and natural movement and has not lead to game improvement? (The Vardon Trophy score has not been lowered in 75 years.)
-Why, despite golf specific stretching and fitness programs, there is a growing trend of back injuries that plague players of all skill levels?
-Why, despite golf specific stretching and fitness programs, full time golf media sources, technological advancements in clubs and balls, slo-motion video analysis, computerized launch monitors and regular practice your distance, accuracy and overall golf game does not improve?
-What are the six laws of physics and circular motion that govern the speed and position of the clubhead?
-What are the six anatomical movements that create clubhead advance?
-“Why” the Wind and Sling will give you the best chance to maximize distance and accuracy?
-“How” to learn the Wind and Sling golf swing, including all the drills necessary to train and engrain the techniques.


-What is natural movement, and its’ impact on performance?
-What are the key sources and secret techniques for swing speed not dependent on fitness level and flexibility?
-What are the key sources for accuracy?
-What are the biggest misnomers in golf swing instruction?
-What is really the ideal swing plane, and how do you create it?
-What is the ideal “path” of the club, and its’ impact on distance and accuracy?
-What is the difference between creating lag and loading and unloading your clubhead?
-What is the proper way to “release” the club, and how do you dramatically improve yours?
-What is the ideal tempo for the golf swing, its’ impact on swing speed and accuracy, and how to quickly incorporate it into your swing?

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