Winter-friendly golf draws customers in snowy weather

Winter-friendly golf draws customers in snowy weather

WEST CHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) – Sometimes, snow on the ground will curb most outdoor activities.

But in West Chester people are staying active despite the weather. If they’re really good at golf they probably dream of playing among the azaleas at The Masters in Augusta, not the snow and cold in West Chester! Despite the cold and snow people came out to Top Golf to sharpen their game and just have some fun.

The sweet sound of a golf swing on a bitterly cold winter’s day. For the free-swinging golfers at Top Golf, hitting balls into a white backdrop is something different. Jordan Shouse and Mike McCafferty were sharpening their game swinging for the targets that were surrounded by a few inches of snow. It provided a challenge.

Throughout the Tri-State, people braved the elements just walking down the street. Others had it much tougher, they had to work in the frigid cold. Heaters would have come in handy just as they do at Top Golf.

Miami students could tell their friends they spent part of their winter break swinging club and irons, hitting balls at targets surrounded by a lot of snow.

There were a lot of first time golfers there and some serious golfers who bring their clubs. Surprisingly, there was a good turnout on a snowy day like Friday, January 6.